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Hverdag Books is a micro press and self-publishing studio, est. 2016.

Hverdag publishes unique and experimental editions for and about the everyday. We regularly attend art book fairs, give workshops and lectures on Riso and self-publishing, offer design services, and are open for all sorts of collaborations.

Hverdag was founded by Jessica Williams and is currently located on Jel√ły in Moss. Local orders can be picked up. Secure payments go through Paypal.

For inquiries, larger orders, wholesale and commissions, please get in touch.

Risograph Printing

We offer affordable Risograph printing on a Risograph CV3230.

* Important! Printing services are limited due to restrictions and studio renovations *

This Risograph prints on A3 paper with a print size of B4:

Note the uneven margins if you utilize the entire print area. Smaller images can be centered, and single colored images can be shifted up/down the page by ca. 10mm.

We have six colors:

Fluo Pink / ff48b0 / 806 U

Red / ff665e / warm red U

Fluo Orange / ff7477 / 805 U

Yellow / ffe800 / yellow U

Green / 00a95c / 354 U

Blue / 0078bf / 3005 U

Black / 000000 / black U

Uncoated papers with grain between 45 - 200gsm work best. Thicker papers can also be carefully fed through for small editions. The Risograph's straight paper feed is what lets it print on such a big variety of stocks.

Risograph inks are semi-translucent and blend well. This means quite many colors can be produced from the six we keep in stock. Think of it like silkscreen or painting.

Warning! Riso is not CMYK, so do not expect the same type of result. Registration also does not always go as planned with this machine, so get ready to embrace it or design around it. We aim for perfection but accept reality. Expect unique prints.



Never worked with Riso before?

→ The machine was made for large editions, so it will take circa 10-20 prints for your image to stabilize. When printing with black, for instance, the prints start out darker and even out after awhile.

→ Please send your print files as black and white PDFs or as layered .PSD files (if using several colors). Make sure your images are at least 300dpi.

→ Please do not send your print files as attachments in an email. Use a service like Dropbox or WeTransfer instead.

→ If you want to print a file with several colors, each layer (one per color) needs to be saved in black and white. There are tutorials online for this. I personally like to use Channels to color separate.

→ The Riso is very sensitive. If you have whites in a photographic image, try making them 1-2% grey to make sure they do not "blow out".

→ At the same time, if something is slightly grey on your screen, it will print grey with Riso. Double check your files before sending.

→ If printing large areas of solid color, a background for example, 80% is better than 100%. Printing at 100% uses lots of ink which will both take forever to dry and often get the paper stuck on the drum.

→ If printing on A4, the Riso will automatically create a thin white border so the paper does not stick to the drum. If you want full-bleed A4, I can print for you on SRA4 paper. Make sure your file has a bleed and crop marks for this.

→ If in doubt about your image, send it to me and I'll tell you if it looks okay!

→ I can also give you more tips via email for setting up your file or do it all for you starting at 1000kr depending on the size of the project.

Other self-publishing tools
Ideal 4305 industrial paper cutter Epson 11000XL A3+ scanner Specialty staplers
Various hand-binding tools Corner rounder 1" button machine


We print for you
Masters starting at 100kr each*
Ink starting at 1kr per print
Paper from 1kr per A3+ sheet depending on thickness
Finishing (including cutting) from 50kr depending on complexity
Pick up at the studio is free, or sending from 75kr
+ 25% MVA**

You want to print in the studio (tests)
This is for prints or simple editions only
A base fee of 500kr for the first hour***
Masters from 25kr each after the first*
Ink starting at 1kr per print depending on coverage
Paper from 1kr per A3+ sheet depending on thickness (or bring your own)
Finishing (including cutting) is free within reason
+ 25% MVA**

* from 10 or more the price goes down
** contact me for specifics on the rules, there are some loopholes for artists!
*** a discount on eventual additional hours can be discussed

For a specific quote for your project, please send information on total number of pages and sizes, colors, desired paper type, sorting or binding requirements, need for help and eventual deadline. It is also possible to rent out the entire studio after a training session for bigger projects! And of course, for really big projects, prices are negotiable.

Want more?

Hverdag Books is proud to be a founding member of Norsk Risoforeningen (Norwegian Risograph Association). Check out our website here.

Finally, it is also possible to rent out the machine / organize courses.

Send us an email or fill out the form.